Friday, April 30, 2010

♥FULL house

baru je abes tengok super junior full house.enjoy sangat.they all were so funny and sporting!yey..gettin' crAze n craze about them.LOL~Suju full house got 14episode all.if i'm not mistaken loh.
Super Junior Full House (Korean슈퍼주니어의 풀하우스) is a reality television series broadcast from May 27, 2006 to August 26, 2006. The show was a 25-minute comedy that aired every Saturday during the airtimes of SBS Realtime, after the airing of Love Letter. The show presents comedic experiences between the Korean boy band Super Junior and two female international students, which they had to do a homestay with Super Junior for a month.
err.2006?4years ago..n i just watch it now..!hushh..LeeTeuk was 24 in diz show.!but Anya said he looks older.~ROLF
Episode 1[They were tryin' to talk with Anya n Eva]

 Donghae holding book(mr.dict....ahaha)..keep looking at book when tryin' to ask Anya and Eva
Suju HAPPY moment together with Anya and Eva at their dorms

 They had an outing together,one of the place was English Village
Last moment together,they feel sad that the time has come.1month had finished just in a short time.
[agak touchin' mood di kala ini.uahh.sob3x..]

for those suju ELF who are still not see this segment.u should watch diz♥♥♥
episode 1(1/3)eng sub..there's another13 more episode,u can find them all at youtube


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